Pic05Membership requires schools to comply with the AGIS standards, a set of guided principles that relate, for example, to the conditions of employment of international staff, admissions policies and the provision of specialised programmes for second language learners.

Academic expectations are high and all AGIS schools are committed to small class sizes and meeting the individual needs of students who can be both expatriate and members of the local German community.

AGIS schools are committed to high professional standards, the promotion of good quality teaching and career development of all employees.



AGIS is an umbrella organization which represents and provides services to like-minded international schools within Germany. Member schools must:

  • be recognised as a private and non-for-profit (gemeinnützige) Ersatz- or
  • have been founded to serve the needs of an internationally mobile population.
  • provide an international education predominantly in the English language.
  • be members of one or more AGIS approved accrediting agencies.
    The AGIS Board will review the approved agency list on an annual basis.
  • be committed to continuous improvement through evaluation, accreditation and professional development.
  • be committed to ethical practice.
  • be committed to cultural inclusiveness to foster internationalism and international-mindedness.
  • participate in a free and open sharing of ideas, curriculum and benchmark data between member schools. All information is confidential and must not be shared beyond the AGIS group without permission from the schools.
  • attend at least one Head’s meeting a year as well as the AGM.


Pic50Members are exclusively International Schools located in the Federal Republic of Germany. Members are proposed by the Board and accepted by resolution of the General Assembly. The condition of full membership is full membership in an AGIS approved accrediting agency. Schools holding a provisional membership of accrediting organizations may become prospective members of the Association.

Schools applying for prospective membership will be subject to a visit from a representative from a regular member school in another city. Decisions regarding regular membership are taken by voting members at an AGM.

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Association of German International Schools

Julia Brühöfner
Executive Secretary

Bruchmeisterallee 6 
30169 Hannover

tel.: (+49) 0511 10532406
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Office hours are: Monday to Friday 9.00 to 12.00.

In urgent cases please send us an email or contact Julia Brühöfner under mobile number 01 76 10 22 49 81 We are looking forward to helping you!