Working together to support learning

The Association of German International Schools represents and promotes the educational and public interests of member schools and their communities, working together to support learning. As a community we foster sharing among member schools and support professional development.

The Association of German International Schools (AGIS) was founded in Berlin on February 9th, 1994 and currently serves 24 members schools, teaching more than 15,000 students from more than 65 nationalities representing more than 40 different home languages. On average, more than 85 % of the parents of our students are foreign experts working for German or international companies here in Germany and our member schools employ about 2,000 teachers representing 32 different nationalities.

AGIS international schools are run as independent, non-profit, private institutions and must provide an international education in the English language, that is recognized in Germany and accepted worldwide. Member schools must also be committed to continuous improvement and quality assurance through evaluation, external program authorization and international accreditation.

In order to attract international experts and executives, it is important that a good infrastructure for their families is available. Therefore, educational care for the children is an important part of the package that companies offer. The International School has proven to be an ideal partner for the economy.
— The Minister for Finance and Economy, Baden-Württemberg, 2016

AGIS member schools are an indispensable part of the economic and educational infrastructure in Germany. They support globally mobile professionals and executives whose families depend on an internationally transferable education. Globally oriented cities and leading international companies, institutions, universities and professional sports clubs would not be able to attract international employees without international schools.

AGIS also serves as a representative and lobbying organization to support the educational and existential needs of member schools.  Member schools also benefit from the innovative Annual Teachers’ Conference, subsidized job-alike groups for librarians, nurses, administrators, counselors, subject and division leaders and the provision of a comprehensive annual survey of statistics to benchmark the collaborative development of our members

The Association of German International Schools explicitly recognizes and endorses the positive efforts of the German government to relieve stress for refugees now and in the future, through its actions to provide structured, spontaneous and sustainable support. We are committed to supporting the building of a better future for these families.