The Association of German International Schools (AGIS) represents and supports the educational and public interest of member schools and their communities by promoting and improving international education. The Association has a growing membership.

There are currently 23 full member schools who belong to AGIS which provides them with a professional support network in all matters relating to the successful management of international schools in Germany, in particular relations with the Federal Republic.

How to choose an International School

In many cities in Germany, there may be a choice of several international school options. The following tips may help you make the choice that is right for your family.

  1. Visit the school. This is of critical importance. You can learn so much about a school by walking through the halls, visiting the classrooms and watching how students interact with each other and with parents.

  2. Learn about the curriculum programs it offers. You need to be sure that your child is assured an easy transfer to the next international school, back into your home country curriculum, or to university. If the program on offer is not familiar to you, learn all you can about it before making your decision.

  3. If the company transferring you already has families in that city, talk to them. They are in a good position to tell you about the differences between the different schools.
  4. Ask about parent involvement. A good international school should serve as the center of the expat community. Volunteering at the school is an excellent way for a non-working parent to integrate into a new community. Make sure you can talk to your child’s teacher whenever you need to.
  5. Ask about sports and after-school activities. If your child does not speak German, the school may be the only source of recreational activities.
  6. Check if the school is for-profit or not.
  7. Above all, look for a place that will be your family’s school (rather than your child’s school). Look for a school that is a community, where you, your children and the teachers can all work together to ensure that your German adventure is happy, rewarding and fulfilling.